The Freedom Flotilla in Cascais, Lisbon Portugal

June 19th 2018 the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza arrives in Cascais, Portugal from Gijon, Spain after leaving Norway in mid May expecting to arrive in Gaza July 29. T Traveling with myself and the other participants and crew of the Al-awda; Mikkel Gruner, Charlie Andreasson, Daniel Ross (UK/Spain), Zohar Chamberlain Regev (Israel/Spain), Bullit Bourbon (USA), Ron Rousseu (Canada), Awni Farhat, Dr. Carlos Ponte-Mtitelbrun (Spain), Angela Vallina (Spain), Lasse Vestergren Asthøy (Norway), Muaz Rusian (Malaysia)

Captain Charlie Andreasson and Mikkel Gruner from the cabin preparing the Al-Awda for docking.

Captain Tomas Morate and Zohar on the Al-Awda as it arrives in Cascais, Portugal.

Mikkel Gruner overseeing the docking at the gasoline dock to then, be moved to the Al-Awda’s parking space for the next couple of days while the participants and crew engage with local groups to hold event’s and marches in support of lifting the blockade of Israel in Gaza.

Al-awda docked in Cascai, Portugal. June 19. 2018

Meeting on board the Al- awda with, from left to right, Daniel Ross, Ron Rousseu, Bullitt Bourbon and Charlie Andreasson.

Dr Carlos and Angela Vallina.

“Chris” from France living in Spain explains to me why he supports the people in Palestine and has come to see the Flotilla and participate in events. “All over the world we’re i the same war, Rich against the poor, the government against the population. Money is in power and making war against the people, the human being. So, I am poor human being.” Chris went on to say people are fighting over money they don’t make time to have peace, freedom and brotherhood. I asked Chris about the spin in the US that portrays the Palestinians as the “terrorists”, he said a lot of money is spent to make the Palestinians to be Terrorists. “it works, some people believe that. Most of the population knows what’s going on.” For more of my interview with Chris see my youtube channel April Watters


There was not as much support in Cascais as there was in Gijon and in Cadiz. The security at the marina told the Flotilla and activists to not have cameras in the marina area. There was supposed to be a rally and march in the marina area that was not allowed to happen. The reason was that the people who had expensive yachts in the marina did not want their privacy compromised. Supporters of Palestine were not allowed to bring or hold banners inside the marina. So the small crowd of about 50-60 went just outside the marina where a lot of people would be passing by.

Marny Kittredge, one of the groundcrew for the Flotilla to Gaza holding Palestinian flag at the Rally in Cascais, Portugal.

One supporter of the Palestinians who shared with me in Portuguese why we came to rally today. His interview can be seen on my youtube channel, April Watters soon

While some people wee rallying Zohar was being interviewed by Portuguese TV SIC about the mission of the Flotilla and what happens when it get close to the port in Gaza.

Due to some confusion the sailboat the Freedom was delayed in docking. This is a photo of it waiting to be allowed to dock.

The Freedom sailboat finally docked around 11:30 am in it’s spot next to the Al-awda in Cascais Portugal.

Trip to Lisbon for an event and talk.


Portuguese politician Ivan Goncalves spoke at the talk with other members of the Flotilla to Gaza. Socialist Youth (Portuguese: Juventude Socialista) is the youth organisation of the Socialist Party of Portugal. The Socialist Youth (JS) is a leftist political organization that emerges as a youth party of the Socialist Party. It is integrated, politically and ideologically, into democratic socialism (or Social-democracy). It is made up of young people over 14 and under 30, Portuguese or resident in Portugal. At the moment this organization is directed by Ivan Gonçalves, chosen in the XX National Congress of the JS, that was realized in Póvoa de Varzim in December of 2016. [1] It is a political organization of young Portuguese who accept the political platform approved in Congress, the Declaration of Principles and Program of the Socialist Party, with the aim of building a more just and solidary society in Portugal. The Socialist Youth finds in this political and ideological current a progressive project of social transformation, centered on the values of Equality, Solidarity and Freedom.

Ron Rousseu on the right and Awni Farhat next to him who spoke on what is going on in Palestine and how people can help spread awareness and action to help end the blockade of Gaza by Israeli/Zionist forces.

Daniel Ross sharing at a press Conference on the second day in Cascais, Portugal. Born in the UK living in Spain, Daniel spoke of being the son of a Jewish soldier who fought for the British army in WWll who liberated concentration camps and many of who’s survivors founded Israel as a Zionist state. “It’s very important to point out that the people wearing uniforms in the streets of Palestine with the Israeli flag on, they are not soldiers”.

Bruno Dias, the President of the Portugal-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group, joins the press conference. Interview with The Real News Network’s Dimitri Lascaris,,

Members and crew of the Flotilla and Bruno Dias holding the Palestinian flag.

Bruno Dias visiting the marina and the boats speaking wit Jena Marklund, the captain of the Freedom sailboat.


A local artist paints a picture on the side of the Al Awda using a stencil then coloring the rest after here filling in the drone.


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