Love NY Don’t Frack It Up Rally at CPV Corruption Trial-Feb 14-NYC

Pramilla Malick is a regular Minisink mom, and the Democratic nominee for NYS Senate in the 42nd district. Valentine’s Day is an appropriate day for us to send a message to Gov Cuomo and to other elected officials that it’s time to Break Up with Fossil Fuels. Break Up with their lobbyists, break up with their donation money. IT’S TIME TO LOVE NEW YORK, LOVE OUR AIR LOVE OUR WATER AND PUT PEOPLE FIRST”.


Demonstrators are protesting the corruption of Percoco, 2 of Cuomo’s most trusted aids, who used ziti as a code word for cash payoffs tied to Cuomo’s upstate dealings. Percoco is a long time friend to the Cuomos who was considered a “third son” to his father, Mario Cuomo, was accused of taking $315k in bribes by robbing a Maryland-based energy company and a Syracuse development firm in pay-to-play schemes.

 Press Release

1-Please mark your calendars. This Valentines Day Wed Feb 14 at 12:30pm we’ll have a rally in lower Manhattan calling on Cuomo to Break Up with CPV’s Lobbyists and love NYers instead!. Details below . Updates on the FB page. Please post here if you want a ride.

2-Just as the federal corruption trial began and on the same day as our hearing before the second circuit court of appeals CPV fired up on diesel oil choking residents near and even as far away as 10 miles. Plumes engulfed the City of Middletown. There were so many complaints they had to shut it down. However we know that if they switch to gas, it only means that the toxins will be less visible and discernible. However, as everyone could see two weeks ago, they will not dissipate but rather settle into the pockets of this valley. This is public health crisis. Call Cuomo 518-474-8390 and ask why hasn’t he shut this down yet!

3. If you live in Minisink or Wawayanda we highly recommend getting your water tested immediately. Millennium has begun HDD (drilling) under an old toxic town dump. You can get free kits at Home Depot or Lowes.

4. We are still waiting for a decision on the second circuit court of appeals. We will explore seeking an injunction if we do not get a decision by next week. Please continue to fund our legal and political efforts. If we win or lose there will be next legal actions to pursue. (you can donate through our website

5. We are hoping to get 10-15 families within a half mile and a mile circumference to the plant to buy electronic pollution monitors. They would cost about $200 each. Please advise if you want to participate in this monitoring program. Just email us back with subject: community monitor

6. We’re not sure we can pull it off, but we’d like to send Cuomo a video message on Valentines Day from the children of Orange County. If you know any kids and you are willing to video tape them telling Cuomo what they love about their home, (a tree, their yard, apple picking anything at all) with a message from them to him saying : “Governor Cuomo don’t frack my home.” If you can take this video with your phone, please take it in landscape mode. Please email it to us no later than Monday Feb 12  6pm to stopcpv@gmail.comIt doesn’t need to be fancy or perfect and we can edit out your directions to your kids.

7. It is election season and this trial demonstrates that corruption is bi-partisan. Real progressives are the only antidote to pay-to-play corruption. If you agree join Principled Progressive of Orange County, a NYPAN, chapter, for our first meeting of the year to help transform OC from the bottom up. Sunday Feb 11 @ 1 PM Thrall Library Middletown.


Right now one of the biggest corruption trials in NY’s history is underway involving Cuomo’s closest former aide and an executive from CPV, a company that bought influence at the highest levels of government to build the CPV Valley fracked-gas power plant in Orange County. This plant will lock NYC into fracked gas dependency for the NEXT 40 YEARS!! We know what this means for the climate and for communities from the fracking fields in PA to the power plant. in NY. Absolute catastrophe! This plant alone will support 150 fracking wells per year and increase the state’s greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector by 10%. Built on bribes and lies why has Cuomo not yet shut it down?? And even worse, just as this trial began the power plant fired up sickening residents as far as ten miles away.
This is an emergency. Nothing short of #peoplepower will shut this down! Just two weeks ago NYSDEC renewed several state permits..
Can you join us to tell Cuomo its time to end Albany’s affair with the fossil fuel industry?? Pay-to-play policies are destroying our democracy. We must put an end to it. Wednesday Feb 14th 40 Foley Square in NYC at 12:30pm
If your group would like to be added as a sponsor please email us back and we will add you on our media advisory.
Please tweet the flyer to all your followers to come!!
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Time to tell Albany & @NYGovCuomo to #breakup with #fossilfuel lobbyists & #LoveNY instead. In front of #Percoco trial on #ValentinesDay Join @jamesocromwell w many #NYers #ActOnClimate #StopCPV
Please help us spread the word!!
This story is being covered extensively by major media but no one is reporting on the victims of these alleged crimes. Please use social media or write LTEs to tell the media to cover the victims!! (below is fraction of the many article written about the trial)

A hundred or so demonstrators came out yesterday to tell Gov Cuomo to Break up with Big Fossil Fuel companies. Many came from Orange County New York to protest the CPV power plant being built in their area.


Actor James Cromwell standing with the crowd who also has been involved in many demonstrations and has been arrested and served a couple of days in jail awaiting his turn to speak.

Running against Cuomo Terry Gibson, a former NY state Senator from the Hudson Valley stopped by to tell the crowd, “I intend to primary Governor Cuomo as a justice Democrat to help the people of New York. Today I’m here to say, We don’t need a court trial to tell us what we already know about hydraulic fracturing. We’ve known for a long time that it’s a Toxic Process. It’s toxic to our families, it’s toxic to our water supplies. to our food supply to our state and planet”.

Scott Martan, who lives in Orange county NY with his wife Melissa and their 2 sons, one which they brought today, Isaac, said, “This is about everybody, it’s not just about us in Orange county. We are ground zero for the destruction right now but, if we don’t stop this now, we’re all going to be the victims.” Scott read a quote from Gov Cuomo, ‘To often Government response to the whispers of the lobbyists before the cries of the people’ and that’s what we’re doing out here”.

Melissa Marten of Orange County holding one of her young sons, Isaac, speaking about not knowing anything about the CPV power plant until last year at this time. Until it was constructed, that’s how the community found out. It was kept from us, there was no notification, no public announcement. We contacted everyone to help us and everybody passed the buck. We have 40 years, they’re telling us, 40 years of VOC’s, (volatile organic compound) a particulate matter, Everyday, all day that we have to breathe. My sons will be older than I am now before this place runs it’s course.”

From an organization, Beyond Extreme Energy, Ted Glick, “I just want to talk about one thing, gas is not clean. Gas is a dirty fossil fuel. It pollutes our air. It is worse than coal when is comes to climate change”.


Laura Schindel of Food and Water Watch, an organization which has led the fight against Fracking started out with a chant, ‘Cuomo and fossil fuels sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first come bribes then comes permits then CPV and we all get polluted’.

Tina Bonger from Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE) who lives a quarter mile from the Indian Point Power Plant and the AIM pipeline due to be shut down. “they say all politics is local. The power from Indian Point is not needed and neither is power from CPV and Cricket Valley. You can see that, that’s on record, go to the town of Portland website. You can see these independent grid experts testify to the fact that we don’t need this energy AND THE RESON WE DON’T NEED THIS ENERGY IS BECAUSE OF RENEWABLES, OF GREEN HABITS AND STANDARDS”.

Council man Jumaane Williams spoke about how corruption is normal in Albany.

The Valentine’s Day card that will be delivered to Gov Cuomo showing a picture of NY states famed black dirt region. It’s a world famous mineral rich formation in Orange County and the power plant will completely contaminate this rare soil, ” Pramilla Malick stated.

Kim Fraczek speaking on the upcoming action in Albany on April 23rd. Storm the Castl, Halt NY InFRACKstructure,


And then Actor James Cromwell spoke briefly but, powerfully stating, “We don’t have a ban a fracking, we have a moratorium. It doesn’t have the power of law behind it, it only has the whim of this Governor and the whim of the next governor. If we want to make a change in this state we have to make sure the next Governor is a Progressive who understands the danger of fossil fuel and these kinds of power plants. There is corruption in Washington, there is corruption in Albany, there is corruption in this city. The only way we’re going to do it is vote for those people who don’t accept money from pacs, from large corporations and from dark money. YOU CAN PROTEST ALL YOU WANT, YOU CAN EVEN GO TO JAIL, IT DOESN’T STOP ANYTHING. THE ONLY WAY TO DO IT IS JOIN TOGETHER, RAISE OUR VOICES AND PUT OUR BODIES WHERE ARE HEARTS ARE”.

The livestream of the event see here,, 

and for James Cromwell’s powerful talk see here,,

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