2nd Annual Youth March Against Police Brutality RALLY in Harlem, Saturday Dec 2nd

After a 2 hour rally up by the Schomburg Center for Research and Black Culture at 135th St and Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem a couple of hundred demonstrators took to the streets and marched down Malcolm X blvd to the North end of Central Park at 110th Street.

Jermaine Sootim of Black Lives Matter motivating the crowd down near Central Park North saying “All we need we got right here, the youth. They are going to be going through this the next 20 years”.

Hawk Newsome, one of the organizers of the event addressing the demonstrators and reminding them, “It is up to you to fight for Debra Danner”, one of the victims of Police Brutality,,Oct 2016 She was shot twice by an NYPD sergeant in her Bronx apartment. Some of her neighbors had called 911 saying she was acting erratically. A team of officers arrived on the scene and, according to the NYPD, found an agitated Ms. Danner holding a pair of scissors, and then a baseball bat. She swung the bat at the sergeant, he shot her twice.

Holding posters with the names of victims of Police Killing


On December 2rd, we will host the second annual march for a National Day of Remembrance for our fallen brothers and sisters who have died because of police brutality.

“Children are the reward of life. They are our healers” — African Proverb

It is our duty to support these kids. We will come together outside of the Schomburg Research Center in Black Culture on December 2nd at 12PM.

December 3rd, 2014, marked the date when the Richmond County grand jury decided to let Daniel Pantaleo get away with chocking our beloved brother Eric Garner to death.

Students are working effortlessly to ensure this date becomes a National Day of Remembrance. In addition, WE ARE RELEASING OUT NATIONAL AGENDA & CALL TO ACTION.

“The soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears. Our first teacher is our own heart” —Cheyenne Tribe Proverb


Interview with Hawk Newsome here,,


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